It can be a critical task to choose paint shades for your bedroom. Paint color does not only contribute to the room’s overall design, but it can also impact the user’s emotions and mood. Make sure that your bedroom will serve as a place where you can relax and rest. To do so, you should never consider the following colors to paint your bedroom. Keep on reading to know them or get the high-quality painting services in Pittsburgh: 



Vibrant and lively yellow can stimulate the senses well. But you have to remember that even if sunny tones can offer you a happy and stimulating wake-up call for beginning your day, these color tones cannot help you relax and sleep well during nighttime. That can potentially contribute to your lack of sleep. So if you want to use yellow in your bedroom, the ideal way to compromise is to select and paint muted yellow shades in your bedroom. Or might as well pick another color to paint it all together.   


Orange bursts with vitality and brightness, making it a perfect paint color for an exercise area or a playroom. However, choosing a color for your bedroom would be best if you choose a more calming color. Moreover, you can choose a softer orange shade, like one with a peachy tone.  

Lime Green  

Since green provokes calmness and tranquility, hues of mint, seafoam, and sage perfectly work in bedrooms. On the contrary, lime green is much brighter and more vibrant. The color needs to be left for an area that you want to get more energy, such as in your living room or kitchen.   


Red can help boost a room’s energy level and evoke feelings of anger, passion, or excitement. Such inflammatory emotions may trigger a person’s mind too much at nighttime, causing you to have a hard time falling asleep. When you want to opt for a red-toned bedroom, it would be best to go for a muted and soft shade of red rather than a vibrant one.  

Dar Brown   

Mink and chocolate brown have been trendy colors nowadays for home interiors. However, their heaviness can cause a bedroom to look confined and gloomy. Aside from that, dark shades like browns can make anyone feel unmotivated to get up in the morning. But if you love to paint your bedroom brown, make sure to choose a very light shade.   


Many property owners consider painting their bedrooms white because the color makes the room feel airy and can reflect light. But, a mainly white room will look cold and sterile. Get natural aesthetics with hues of beige or tan instead, as both of these are more serene, relaxing, and warm.  

Steel Gray  

Steel gray can make space feel and look aggressive and cold. So, make sure never to use cool darker grays in bedrooms. This way, it won’t end up invoking an unwelcoming mood.